Adobe announces “Productions” a new collaborative workflow for Premiere Pro

At Scale Logic, we are proud of the role we played in Adobe’s new Productions workflow for Premiere Pro video editing software. We installed and tested Productions in our multifunctional Interoperability Lab, which is at the forefront of application technology in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. It has given us an understanding of how Adobe Productions works and what is required for its current and future storage systems.

Our fully functioning media-centric Interoperability Lab is designed to test and mirror real-world editing environments with the latest software, latest OS, and the latest PC and Mac computers. Once the new Productions feature set was tested on our platform hardware it was certified. Our Lab’s capabilities include installation and testing for over 50 M&E applications by Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Telestream, Blackmagic Design, AJA, CatDV, Root6, and many others.

“The capabilities of our Interoperability Lab have demonstrated that our Shared Storage Solutions are not only compatible with Adobe Products, but also that they can be used immediately,” commented Daryl Heinis, Scale Logic’s Chief Technology Officer. “So we are ready to consult with our customers on how this new Productions workflow can be used in their environment right away to save time and to enable better collaboration in both on-prem and cloud workflows.”

Adobe Production PanelThe new Productions workflow for Premiere Pro was designed from the ground up with input from top filmmakers and Hollywood editorial teams. Early versions of the underlying technology were also battle-tested on recent films such as “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “Dolemite is My Name.” Special builds of Premiere Pro with Productions are now being used in an editorial on upcoming films like David Fincher’s “MANK.”

With Productions, customers can manage larger projects by dividing them into smaller pieces. For instance, an editorial team working on a film can organize their workflow around reels and scenes. Episodic shows can be grouped by season, so it’s easy to access other shows to retrieve things like title sequences or audio elements. Agencies can allocate a Production to each client, so they can quickly reference and retrieve assets from existing projects.

Other features of Productions include media referencing across projects so customers can reuse assets within their Production without creating duplicates. This helps them keep individual projects light and fast. In addition, using shared local storage, multiple editors can work on different projects in the same Production. The Production panel gives them a bird’s eye view of all their projects and shows them who is working on what so teams can track their progress.

Adobe creative applications are continually evolving, meeting the real-world needs of modern filmmakers. Productions will provide established professionals and aspiring storytellers with new tools for staying organized, managing projects efficiently, and collaborating easily.

If you would like to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro and the Productions workflow please visit Adobe’s blog.

If you would like more information regarding Scale Logic’s Interoperability Lab, please contact us.