NVMe. Because faster is always better.

As we quickly approach 2022 (yes, I said it—and yes, this year has flown by), there is one thing in all the constant madness of the past 18 months that hasn’t changed, and that’s the fact that production teams are still struggling with perpetual data growth.

Looking at that statement alone, that is a huge positive. It means that post-production houses are not only up-and-running but actually flourishing—a miracle that should be celebrated given the uncertainty that 2020 brought to the world.

Back to the perpetual data growth. As every type of production is in full-swing these days, production companies now need to ingest and manage all of these data types. As we see every year, those files are ever-evolving in size and complexity. (For example, remember when 4k was all the rage? Now, that’s just child’s play.)

So the logical question now becomes, “If perpetual data growth is a struggle, what’s the solution?”

The answer is simple: NVMe.

If we look at the approach pragmatically, post-production professionals need to drastically rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed—and that’s where NVMe shines. NVMe enables greater flexibility and faster data access, all while greatly decreasing production times—resulting in more cycles, more business, and more profit to the bottom line.

The concept of NVMe can easily be described as revolutionary—mostly because of its ability to seamlessly deliver access and transport protocols to storage for both flash and the newest solid state drives (SSDs).

More so, NVMe is also known for its ability to deliver the highest throughput and fastest response times for a wide variety of enterprise-grade media workflows. In short, it’s making a significant impact on what post-production environments can do with data.

To be clear, in any industry, speed is of the essence. I’m sure big finance, insurance, healthcare and more all appreciate expedited data access and management. That said, NVMe really shines in the post-production and media and entertainment industry—an environment where speed literally equals margin and profit.

As such, NVMe becomes the answer to your post-production prayers—a technology purpose-built and designed for high-performance and non-volatile storage media, and the only protocol that can meet the demands in data-heavy post-production environments like cloud storage and Edge computing ecosystems. Best of all, NVMe is built to scale, helps avoid bottlenecks, enables full usage of all CPU and GPU cores, and allows for traditional scale-up applications.

If you are ready to see all your post-production margin and profit dreams come true, Scale Logic can help you. Contact us today to learn how to get started with NVMe.