Solution Brief: The Security of Object Storage

It’s no surprise that cyber security and data protection are at the forefront of everyone’s business planning. And rightfully so—there seems to be an attack showing up in the media practically every day. As such, it makes sense that object storage as a security factor is gaining increasing attention within the media and entertainment industry.

The question becomes, “What data security risks exist?” Sadly, many high-profile news events demonstrate that the risk of data loss comes from any number of ransomware, spyware, viruses, external hackers, internal hackers, and/or disgruntled employees. Meanwhile, other dangers to data come from human error, hardware or software failures.

So, how can you better protect your data with security in mind? It begins with Scale Logic’s LogicStore Object Storage Solution—built from the inside out with data security in mind, and providing several benefits over SAN/ NAS/scale-out filesystems.

Suppose you take digital asset security seriously but don’t want to spend your time managing complex cryptography, firewalls, and data policies. In that case, you’ll appreciate two things: the storage is pre-configured with those core benefits, and individual pools of assets automatically have a high level of security applied. All this comes built into a near-line storage platform integrated directly into many workflows—from securing content at ingest to providing best-of-breed digital preservation throughout and beyond the production process.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the LogicStore Object Storage Solution:

  • Access to our solution is always via an API with a robust user authentication model.
  • Vaults of data can be made immutable—which can completely protect data from being changed by ransomware attacks or being accidentally or maliciously deleted.
  • This low-level immutability means that many ransomware strategies bypass gateways (e.g., by loading up in firmware) are protected because the ransomware never has access to the OS.
  • User actions can be audited—even asset reads can be audited
  • Data transfer can be made with encrypted protocols and therefore becomes non-sniffable and non-spoofable.
  • Individual vaults/buckets can have their own admin user.
  • Unlike complex solutions with multiple software packages and because LogicStore Object Storage Solution is cohesive, upgrades of one part of the infrastructure will not accidentally leave security holes in another part.

Because our solution has strong data immutability, optional data encryption, strong user authentication, optional data transmission encryption, and access is always via an API. It already has a robust set of data security protocols with barely any administrator configuration. Such protocols would only exist on a SAN/NAS solution after installing multiple software packages—software packages that require updates and upgrades, which can be problematic to maintain. Scale Logic’s solution can also audit when files are read or deleted—ensuring the culprit for that film that got posted on YouTube can be much more easily tracked down.

Features include:

  • Data immutability
  • Optional data encryption
  • Strong user authentication
  • Optional data transmission encryption
  • Built-in auditing
  • Independently security audited

These are just some of the data security services that come with Scale Logic’s LogicStore Object Storage Solution.

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