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Business continuity solutions including highly secure backup, archive, and recovery to protect any digital asset.

Protect Your Environment

The Mission-Critical Nature of Data Protection

Whether it be the ability to quickly and easily access files, archive data for future use, or to periodically re-use assets to accelerate new projects—properly protecting your data is imperative to your success.

However, with the ever-increasing resolutions in film and photography creating seemingly endless storage requirements—not to mention the frequent time-consuming and expensive tasks associated with modern content creation—better and more affordable solutions are needed.

SL-Hex_Data Protection
Risks Counter Measure Restore Time
Virus Attack
Data Corruption
Self Healing
Disk Failure
Rebuild Failure
Second RAID
System Failure
Backup Server
Natural Disaster
Remote Server
Remote Server
Human Error
Easy & Effortless
Data loss prevented

From day-to-day operations through to the entirety of corporate infrastructure, your data is and always will be your most important asset. With a Scale Logic Data Protection Solution, your data will remain safe, accessible, and usable no matter what happens.

Our decades of storage experience, paired with our extensive knowledge protecting and supporting files within video workflow environments, means you can rest assured your data is always safe and secure. Furthermore, our cross-brand, multi-vendor support enables us to offer solutions for everything from video data storage, archiving and retrieval, across all aspects of surveillance and security.

  • High-availability production server
  • Backup on local pool
  • Backup on system in same location
  • Backup on remote site
Your Valuable Data is Always Protected
  • Detects data corruption upon reading files
  • Blocks detected as corrupt are automatically repaired via RAID protection
  • Periodic scrubs check data to detect and repair latent media degradation (bit rot) and corruption from other sources
  • Checksums in our built-in data replication ensure the data is not corrupted by transport mechanisms
  • Changed data of the snap can be automatically replicated locally or remotely via our built-in tool
  • Sync tool can be incorporated to sync data from any SAN or NAS to virtually any target
  • Solution could contain S3-compliant private or public cloud or LTO tape
  • Scale Logic tools can create a 3-2-1 data integrity solution: 3 copies of your important data on 2 different technologies, with 1 copy offsite
  • Sets “backup points” or “snapshots” as low as one-minute intervals to protect files and folders from human error or virus attack
  • Snapshots only consume the size of the “changed data” between the snap points
  • Retention time measured in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months dictates how long the snapshots are available
  • Storage users can see “Previous Versions” and restore the files, or administrators can clone snapshots into usable shares
Ongoing Support
  • Proprietary product burn-in to ensure data resiliency
  • 24x7x365 health monitoring included at no charge
  • Health checks
  • Rapid parts replacement warranties
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