Comparing VAST Universal Storage With Quantum

More than just storage––VAST presents a viable solution for those seeking a more efficient way to store and manage their data. Along with providing storage capabilities, VAST incorporates a native metadata indexing catalog that enables users to track element history throughout the production lifecycle. VAST is straightforward, as it supports multiple protocols and can be accessed via a single namespace without necessitating third-party tools, gateways, or data tiering. Additionally, the solution offers advanced analytics to facilitate effective data management.

One of the unique features of VAST is its similarity data reduction, which ensures that users receive at least the minimum usable storage capacity quoted and frequently more. Moreover, VAST can boost storage capacity by up to 70%, as per and customers can validate how much their data reduces using the VAST probe, resulting in cost savings and the ability to store more data than before.

Furthermore, Quantum’s post-dedupe feature may also impact performance as it’s simply not on par with VAST. Quantum also lacks global compression features that are present in VAST. 

Compared to Quantum and other competitors, VAST emerges as a superior choice.