Scale Logic Launches New Business Intelligence Product for Post-Production Environments

Introducing WorkflowConnect BI—an industry-leading and highly sophisticated Business Intelligence solution for post-production companies and teams, that provides a seamless unified view of all your storage combined with powerful data analytics.

Proper storage management in post-production environments can be incredibly complex and expensive, especially when it comes to project-based applications. But with WorkflowConnect BI, teams now have a solution to help them save space, time and money. It does this by seamlessly federating all data from different storage units through a single pane of glass, enabling teams to:

  • Instantly visualize each project’s allocated space
  • Accurately understand and cost all data associated with any given project
  • Easily search and find data across all storage
  • Manage all files with ease

Ultimately, WorkflowConnect BI provides an all-in-one solution to make better informed decisions about your storage—optimizing your storage limit and helping you control the cost of storage infrastructure by consistently identifying cost savings and opportunities. No more risk of inconsistent or incorrect decisions—just reduced storage costs.

Enjoy a free 3-month trial of WorkflowConnect BI with any new shared storage solution purchase from Scale Logic.