The Evolving Reality of Remote Editing Webinar
How the Media and Entertainment Industry MUST Prepare for the Next Permanent Phase of the Hybrid Work Environment

A little more than a year ago, the world of media and entertainment was forced to begin reimagining work environments, infrastructure, architecture, workflows and more—all to survive. In the months that followed, organizations learned how to thrive—by adopting new ways to collaborate and share successfully.

Now, as people begin their return to the traditional office, the hybrid environment is poised to be the cornerstone of success. As such, post-production environments of all kinds must implement more permanent solutions to ensure security, access to tools, and the adoption of true hybrid cloud infrastructures.

In this 60-minute technically-focused webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to implement a more secure remote video editing environment
  • How to execute Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on any OS to foster seamless access to at-office work stations for faster editing, access to tools and applications
  • How to leverage a media asset management tool to achieve a more robust hybrid cloud environment that offers both cloud and local storage—delivering a holistic view of all content, from any device


Mikael Wahlberg, CTO With a background as a system engineer and software developer, Mikael has almost 20 years of experience in Media Asset Management solutions. Mikael has been with iconik since the start and as CTO he is leading the R&D and technology part of the company. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where has its headquarters

Robert Herzan, President Scale Logic Since the inception of Scale Logic, Bob has developed an extensive worldwide channel that spans across more than 100 resellers. Together with his partners and past experience, he has designed and implemented over 5000 networks in a wide variety of companies like Starz, Uber, Walmart, The Cleveland Clinic, Clemson University, NHL, and The Minnesota Vikings.