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ZFS-based NAS ApplianceThe Genesis ZX is ZFS enhanced and made easy as a clustered NAS and file server. The sub-systems provide customers with high-performance data storage at a competitive cost/TB. With the addition of our SAS-attached JBOD expansion chassis, capacities can easily reach over 5PB in each mounted volume. Small, medium and large workgroups will benefit from this strong data protection solution.

Details of the ZFS-based Linux-OS

Genesis ZX delivers software-defined storage for media workflows, with high-available servers, unlimited snapshots, built-in data protection and petabyte-scale capacity. This reduces primary storage costs, increases reliability, and protects your data including Malware.

Details of the NAS storage powered by the Genesis Platform


Protect your data with Genesis ZX and Open-E software-defined storage.

Genesis ZX Specifications

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