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Software-defined storage for small, medium and large workgroups

Using Genesis ZX to provide a backup on local pool, on system in same location, and at a remote site, provides the following data protections:

Protect your data with Genesis ZX, ZFS-based storage

ZFS-based NAS ApplianceThe Genesis ZX is ZFS enhanced and made easy as a clustered NAS and file server. The sub-systems provide customers with high-performance data storage at a competitive cost/TB. With the addition of our SAS-attached JBOD expansion chassis, capacities can easily reach over 5PB in each mounted volume.

Details of the ZFS-based Linux-OS

Genesis ZX delivers software-defined storage for media workflows, with high-available servers, unlimited snapshots, built-in data protection and petabyte-scale capacity. This reduces primary storage costs, increases reliability, and protects your data including Malware.

Details of the NAS storage powered by the Genesis Platform

ZFS-based software-defined storage


Protect your data with Genesis ZX and Open-E software-defined storage.

Genesis ZX Features and Benefits of Data Protection

Genesis ZX Specifications

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