Making the COVID-19 pennies count

During these difficult times, budgets are tight—and many companies have delayed purchasing or upgrading their systems. Scale Logic’s Enterprise Support Services (ESS) can help by saving you money and extending the life of your existing hardware. They can typically save you 50- 70% of your hardware support costs when compared to the original manufacturers.

Many of our customers buy the manufacturer’s warranty for the first three years of their equipment’s life, but then on Year 4 they get a shock when they receive their annual support renewal quote. Why is that you may ask?

Well, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) get a three-year warranty on the components that go into their server, storage system or router—so their financial risk is low if a part fails. After three years they have to cover the cost to buy a replacement part, which can be particularly expensive if there are multiple components that are aging such as disk drives.

Then there is the replacement/upgrade factor. Just like trading in your car, the OEMs would like to get you to upgrade to their latest and greatest product so they may use post-warranty support contract as a tool, particularly if your finance department has fully depreciated the equipment over three years so it has zero book value.

Of course, as technology has advanced in the three years you have owned the equipment, you may need to upgrade it to get your productivity back; but often that is not the case and you can easily extend the life of your system by another three years, saving some valuable pennies as well.

When you are ready to upgrade your equipment, there are some more ways to save valuable cash. Read on!

Scale Logic’s ESS division has been providing third-party support for servers, storage and networking for many years, and is able to provide the same level of post-warranty support as OEMs at a fraction of the cost (50-70% less). Scale Logic even uses local service engineers—so if, for example, you are in Sweden, the engineer who comes on-site will speak Swedish (and often, they are the same engineers used by the OEMs). And Swedish isn’t the only language—Scale Logic offers 24/7 support in more than 120 countries.

Although Scale Logic’s main business is post-warranty support, they also provide other services and programs.

Imagine that you have finally decided to replace your primary storage, but moving everything over is going to take time and you cannot afford to have any down-time—and so you are forced to purchase a 12-month OEM support contract that will be gone in four months.

Well, Scale Logic offers short-term support contracts for just this occasion, and with a bonus. They can provide a three-month support contract that you can extend month by month if needed as you transition over; and then when you are finished, they will even offer to buy back your old equipment and take care of getting it out of your building.

Why would they want to do that? Well, Scale Logic also offers refurbished equipment and they use the buy-back cores for this business. Major manufacturers such as EMC/Dell understandably do not want to provide older generation equipment to expand your existing installation. Usually, they will require you to upgrade to the latest generation to be able to expand.

This is where Scale Logic comes in. They can provide expansion nodes that are the same model as your existing system and at a fraction of the cost with a full warranty and support contract. This allows you to continue using your older storage without running out of space, plus with the added bonus of it all being under a support contract.

Some of the manufacturers that they provide support for are:

Quantum   Infortrend   Spectra Logic   Brocade   Cisco   QLogic