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Remote Video Editing Solution - RAP Sync

Our Remote Access Portal (RAP) Sync solution is a 1U Linux® appliance that seamlessly enables remote workforces to access on-prem storage for both proxy and high-resolution workflows.

Solving the Complexity of Remote Editing Workflow

It’s no surprise that more and more production professionals are now working remotely.

Our revolutionary RAP Sync enables remote clients to seamlessly access content on the on-prem storage in the exact same way they would when connected over internal LAN, only this is done securely over a HTTPS port. To further the experience—one that ensures no lag times nor slow connectivity—the remote client’s hard drive acts like a large cache, enabling only modified content to be synced back to the on-prem storage via the RAP Sync. RAP Sync is storage- and MAM-agnostic and can work with any SAN or NAS device.


Easily Managed

RAP Sync resides in-between the firewall and the NAS or SAN (NX2, ZX, HyperFS®, Quantum® StorNext®, Isilon™, etc.).


Easily Configured

RAP Sync shares the mounted NAS or SAN volume(s) via the HTTPS protocol, where a remote workstation can access the shared content.


Easily Accessed

RAP Sync requires no VPN nor a tunnel to access the content—instead working natively over an encrypted port.


Easily Secured

With no content being stored in the cloud, RAP Sync enables all traffic to be confined between the RAP Sync and the remote client.

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Experience Ultimate Security
& Control

Ensure that every file, every user, and every client is secured—always.

For managing users and groups, RAP Sync supports LDAP and ADS. And, if no such service is available, it provides a local user and group management service. Furthermore, for user accessible volumes, the remote editor is able to access all content/volumes that have been shared with them—nothing more. Lastly, users can connect to S3 and other providers—enabling seamless connectivity to additional cloud providers such as AWS, Backblaze, Wasabi, and more.

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Business Solutions Guide to Remote Video Editing

Solving the Top Five Challenges of Hybrid Environment Video Editing in 2021

RAP Sync Makes Everything Easy

Your world is about to change through our Remote Access Portal.


Improve Performance

Use the remote client local hard disk or SSD as local cache to improve performance for the applications at any resolution.


Simplify Processes

Sync process happens in the background without the editor doing anything.


Enable Project Collaboration

A project saved remotely syncs back to the on-prem storage automatically for someone else to see the changes.


Enable Link Sharing

Securely share files and folders via email links to employees, freelancers, or your clients.


OS Support

Support for all major OSs including iOS and Android™.



Works with every NAS or SAN storage.

The Mission-Critical Nature of Data Protection

Whether it be the ability to quickly and easily access files, archive data for future use, or to periodically re-use assets to accelerate new projects—properly protecting your data is imperative to your success.

Where Connectivity Means Everything

Seamlessly connect on-prem and remote team members to create the perfect hybrid environment.

RAP Workflow

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